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CloudXtract Investor Relations

Our global scope is via an indirect distribution model utilizing online deployment tools via Channel Partners. This is a completely scalable approach targeting global markets. Our commitment is to help Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), to start smart by starting small, delivering actionable insight from the data they already have.  We aim to guide companies through their big data journey scaling from small data, to complete big data empowerment.  This first step will help build the foundations to enable fully automated business decisions, real time predictions aided by artificial intelligence.  Our current stakeholders include engagment from Xplorico, Microsoft, Inventum, NeXu/Suria Labs, Datameer and Appdirect.

Business Idea
Democratize Big Data aided by Artificial Intelligence.  Providing general capacity insights to small & medium sized businesses to experience their first taste of AI and drive their digital transformation through subscription.

Government Grants
Gjøvik Region Development (Municipalities of Gjøvik + 5 co-funding project), The Research Council of Norway. In progress: Innovation Norway, SINTEF, EU Horizon 2020.

Private Funding
Inventum is the largest investor with equity, human resources and office/datacenter infrastructure at Gjøvik and in Oslo.   Microsoft has co-funded the Norwegian go-to-market campaign in two rounds. NeXu/Surialabs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has invested development resources related to IP.   Xplorico has provided investment in the form of Management Consulting.   Extended private equity funding round expects to start primo 2018.  We are soft-launching venture capital negotiations at Web-Summit. in Lisbon, Portugal November 6th, 2017.

Value Chain & R&D Partners
Appdirect, Dataiku, Datameer, Microsoft, Inventum, NTNU, BI Norwegian Business School, CCIS - Center for Cyber Information & Security, The National University of Malaysia - UKM.


Project Status
IP Platform currently running in Beta with live installations as paid Proof-Of-Concepts.  Automated marketplace integrations completed for deployment and payments with Nordic reseller negotiations at LOI stage.  Go-to-Market plan piloting in Norway managed by Brightvision (Sweden), co-funded with Microsoft Norway in preparation for Nordic launch.

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Find out more about our latest financial information, upcoming events and other key dates, and archives of announcements, presentations and podcasts.

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