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Imagine being able to access a digital report that provides a comprehensive insight to every department of your business, just like a mini annual report customized by yourself displaying real-time analytics. In CloudXtract you have the option to change the way you view the data, or perhaps set benchmarks or date references depending on your personal requirements. You can even directly compare financial figures with social media trends by combining your existing internal data sets with data available from the internet or any other external data source.  The more data your organization has, makes a direct impact to the level of KPI’s that can be accessed, all of which leads to even deeper and better actionable insights.

Business Indicators
Depending on the data your organisation uses, CloudXtract can provide insights to the following business indicators among others: Finance, Sales, Business Performance, CRM, C-Suite, Logistics, HR, Social Media, Digital Media, Project Management, Open Source Data & Compliance.


SMEs are now beginning to realise the benefits of implementing technological and analytical frameworks in order to harness some of the potential that big data has.

Leverage On Existing Systems

Unlike larger organisations, SMEs are able to quickly and effectively leverage on their existing systems in order to tailor strategies in line with specific pain points. Furthermore, there is no requirement to migrate or change existing systems, CloudXtract simply compliments business practices by working in parallel and providing a new deeper level of insight utilizing the power of the cloud. CloudXtract integrates with the most commonly used software in the marked, be it on-premise or cloud-based. 



We have already researched SME best practices and our dashboards come pre-set with the most demanded KPI’s. So if you choose a certain business indicator, the Snapshot and Mid-Level views organically represent the most crucial pain points, however in the Custom Section we have included optional external data feeds that add value to our clients. CloudXtract can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

More Accurate Reporting

With so much data being created, it makes sense to ensure that data-driven decisions help grow your business. Gone are the days where managers print out weekly reports collated manually from several unconnected data sources. CloudXtract allows you to connect all of your digital data and formulate comprehensive insights into every department all in one central report or real-time dashboard. Whether, hourly, daily or weekly, these insights will automatically update in line with existing data input to give a virtual live overview of your business from your home, office of local café accessible from any device.

By using our unique CloudXtract integration hub, we have made the process of connecting data as seamless as possible. All that is required is to complete a simple form identifying the software systems you use in your organisation, and we will let you know the suitable features and pricing structure based on our comprehensive KPI Library.

CloudXtract is already compatible with many of the most commonly used software products operated by SMEs today, however should you have a unique system, our engineers are on hand to assist you through the process.