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Our promise is to help clients to start smart by starting small, delivering actionable insight from the data they already have. We aim to guide companies through their big data journey scaling from small data, to complete big data empowerment. This first step will help build the foundations to enable fully automated business decisions, real time predictions and even artificial intelligence

By now everyone has heard of Big Data, many are aware of the three V’s (Volume, Velocity and Variety), some have used basic forms of data analytics from their existing software and most, if not all, have lots of data sitting in silos not really doing much.  In addition, companies are not capitalizing on the opportunity of the rapidly increasing amount of data sources available in the cloud.  

Our promise is to help our clients to start smart by starting small, delivering actionable insight from the data that you already have. We also help companies to scale-up from small data, to a fully fletched big data empowerment.

CloudXtract provides business of all sizes, including small and medium sized enterprises the opportunity to connect all data sources by adopting powerful Big Data Tools. Traditionally reserved for large corporations, we are now offering CloudXtract at a fraction of the cost yet gaining the same competitive advantage, as a service, in the cloud.


Our business is making sense of data

Boost Performance
  • Improved productivity and profitability connecting various sources of data
  • More numerous and accurate business insights
  • Segmentation of customer base
  • Recognition of sales and marketing opportunities
  • Definitions of churn and other customer behaviour
  • Better targeted social media influence marketing
  • Better planning and forecasting
  • Access the data you need and not an all-or-nothing approach 
  • Flexibility to start small knowing a little data can yield big results
Overcome Typical Big Data Challenges
  • Inadequate access to staffing, competence & skillsets
  • Data integration complexity with various internal & external data sources
  • Architecting big data management systems
  • Choice of solution that doesn't scale for future needs
  • High cost associated with big data adoption
  • Long and complex ramp-up, planning and deployment timelines
  • Existing digital and business "pains" are too unique and too complex
  • Big data providers only offering costly large scale projects without the ability to start small 
Step Into The Future
  • A new mindset
  • Automate decisions for real time processes
  • Ability to adapt quickly to market sentiments
  • Utilise data to improve accuracy of calculations and cost analysis
  • Harness the limitless power of the cloud to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Value of simplicity, low predictable costs with near-unlimited scalability options 
  • Start small with the data you have at hand and then connect additional datasources as you grow


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