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[TOOL] Is your company data ready for digital transformation?

29 May 2018

Your data provides the basis for understanding the health of your business. That’s why [...]

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[EBOOK] NEW EDITION! Game changer: A step-by-step introductory guide to digital transformation at SMEs.

22 May 2018

 In November last year, we launched our first eBook on the much talked about topic of digital [...]

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Digital transformation step 5: Utilize proven tools

29 December 2017

Technology is not the hard part. The hard part is change management and process management [...]

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Digital transformation step 4: Create your roadmap

27 December 2017

You’ve assessed your company’s digital maturity, your team is on the same page and you’ve [...]

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Digital transformation step 3: Manage your data

22 December 2017

Digital transformation is inherently powered by data. Utilizing your data appropriately will [...]

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Digital transformation step 2: Aligning your team

20 December 2017

You need to prepare your employees for operational and cultural changes. People don’t like [...]

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Digital transformation step 1: Digital maturity assessment

18 December 2017
61% of European businesses are undergoing a digital transformation (Interoute). The main drivers [...] Read More

The role of data in SMEs

15 December 2017

In the early years, Big Data was discarded as yet another fad. Today, Big Data has gone from [...]

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3 key digital challenges at SMEs

13 December 2017

Despite recovering well from the financial crisis, SMEs are still facing challenges they need to [...]

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