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Customization of KPI’s and how users actually view data

13 October 2017

What works for one company in a similar industry may not work for another.  It may be location, [...]

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The benefits of Big Data displayed in an educational infographic!

27 September 2017
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5 Big Data technical related questions to consider when planning your first project

7 July 2017

With so much buzz around Big Data, it is safe to assume that most companies by now have at some [...]

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Plan for Success!

7 July 2017


So you have outlined your key business objectives, confirmed your analytics partner, sourced [...]

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How to develop better Customer Loyalty with your clients?

31 May 2017

We all know that it generally costs 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to nurture your [...]

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Devastating Ignorance

1 April 2017

Getting better customer insights with easy to understanddashboards, is a great tool for avoiding [...]

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