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The role of data in SMEs

Posted by Neil Ford on December 15, 2017

In the early years, Big Data was discarded as yet another fad. Today, Big Data has gone from buzzword to business necessity. Perspectives on data have changed as companies and entire industries become more educated and data literacy grows.

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Data sits at the forefront of digital transformation. One of the main goals of digital transformation is to become more data-driven in your decision making.

Your data provides the basis for understanding the health of your business. That’s why businesses need to uncover efficient methods in order to turn their data into information they can understand and act on.

When it comes to data, context is king. Without context, you won’t know how to apply the data, let alone how to make any decisions. You need to use tools that work equally well for all your teams. That’s what true data democratization is.

Remember, the value doesn’t come from the data or information itself, but rather from the actions derived from that information. Big data is no longer the arena of huge corporations with large amounts of resources.

With companies offering subscription-based tools at affordable prices, even small businesses can start using big data.

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