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Digital transformation step 5: Utilize proven tools

Posted by Neil Ford on December 29, 2017

Technology is not the hard part. The hard part is change management and process management during your digital transformation journey. Nevertheless, using the right tools will make your life much easier.

Your employees should spend their time interpreting data instead of collecting it themselves. In a truly digitized business, employees have access to clean data for data-driven decision making.

You need to use tools that work equally well for all your teams. You need solutions that make it easier for your employees to collaborate, communicate and exchange data without restrictions. That’s what true data democratization is.

The key to good technology is that it works for you. Whatever the size of your business, start with a strong digital transformation strategy, and choose the right technology to fit your business objectives.

Here, we’ve listed our favorite tools to help you continually improve effectiveness and efficiency of your business operations.

Asana - Intuitive project management tool
CloudXctract - The best tool to put all your data into action and create business insights
FreshBooks - Accounting made easy in the cloud
MailChimp - One-stop-shop for your email marketing needs
Microsoft Teams - All your team communication in one place
Microsoft AzureCloud computing service for building and managing applications and services
HelpScout - Customer service platform 
HubSpot - Marketing automation and sales automation tool
Intercom - Cloudbased customer messaging platform
Outlook - Email and calendar tool
OneDrive - File-hosting service for all your company or personal files
PandaDoc - Manage all your contracts in the cloud
Salesforce - Cloudbased customer success platform
Slack - Unified team communication
Trello - Cloudbased project management platform

Using the right software tools will be imperative to your digital success. Without the right insights, you can’t make the right decisions.

Actions points
• Evaluate tools based on company needs and ask team leaders to weigh in on decisions

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