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Digital transformation step 4: Create your roadmap

Posted by Neil Ford on December 27, 2017

You’ve assessed your company’s digital maturity, your team is on the same page and you’ve gathered your data. Now, it’s time for the heavy lifting: Creating your roadmap.

Tackling digital transformation is by no means easy. It involves planning a strategic vision for the business and then determining the best technology to support that vision. Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It happens as a result of small, incremental improvements over time. You need to create a roadmap that reflects that understanding.

In order to help you develop a clear view on how to organize your digital journey and how to measure your transformation, we’ve created this matrix:


Leveraging new and powerful technologies will be essential for executing your roadmap effectively.

Action items
• Develop a realistic roadmap for your digital journey
• Set goals and milestones

In our next post, we'll take a look at the best software tools and platforms to use in a digital organization.

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