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Digital transformation step 3: Manage your data

Posted by Neil Ford on December 22, 2017

Digital transformation is inherently powered by data. Utilizing your data appropriately will help you drive company wide success. This is why improving data literacy and fostering data democratization are crucial to a successful digitalization of your business. It comes down to where you data is, how to access and how to use it.

You can’t work and collaborate effectively if your data is siloed. We have to move past the silo mentality, start working in an open data ecosystem and foster data democratization. This will pave the way for a successful digital transformation.

What's data silos?
Data silos occur when data and information aren’t shared, but remain under the control of one department and is isolated from the rest of the organization.


Your data is the heart of your business. It knows what’s happened in the past and it can help you shape a successful future. That’s why making it accessible and understandable to everyone is imperative to digital success.

Action points
• Take inventory of your data
• Evaluate systems and tools
• Make data accessible to everyone

In our next post, we'll take a look at how you can create your digital roadmap and get one step closer to a fully digitized business.

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